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Technical inside door panel


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Jan 2, 2005
punto 60sx (1999)

i was wondering how easy it is to remove the fabric panel on the inside of the driver's (or passenger's) door?

the driver's side panel seems to have a broken/undone clip by the lock, which is slightly annoying as it rattles.

also i'd like to have a look at the workings of the passenger-side electric window, as it is quite slow when closing, and doesn't sit quite flush when shut (it doesn't quite fully shut anyway).

i've sprayed some silicon lubricant down the window hole today, but doesn't seem to have changed anything.

cheers (y)
Not too bad i think..

Just a few Screws at the bottom if it's the same as mine (1999 S) and the rest pulls off. Just kinda cliped in and out of place.

The other stuff had to come off though, door handle, window wiper in my case etc...

thanks carlos :)

depends how brave i'm feeling... dont want to take it off and not have an awkward job putting it back on again!
its honestly easy, remove all the screws, e.g. in the handle, inside the handle inner part, and the bottom door pocket's screws, then the bootm will flap free, all you need to do now is to pull up equally on the top off the door as it is just press fitted and when putting back on all it needs is a tap with the base of your wrist all the way along. BTW, what are you needing it off for? passenger side window not going up and down easy?
hi punto_jr_sx75

thanks for the info :)

yeah, i'd like to take off both passenger's and driver's panels:

the window is 'winding up' (though it's electric) quite slowly, and sometimes will not go all the way up (almost like there's a battery powering it and it's runnning out of juice). the window also doesn't *quite* sit flush with the door frame... it's at a very slight angle, meaning it won't quite close properly near the wing mirror.

the panel has come away a little from the door by the lock, as if a clip has broken / come away, etc.

would i be wasting my time doing that to the passenger's door... or will i be able to get to the workings of the window to see if anything is amiss?

thank you! :)
well this is what you will see at least on the passenger side, drivers side will be much the same, its a common problem for the passenger side to go, the runner are a pretty naff design (one) and you can hardly get in at them -

With mine the mylon runner at the bootom of the window was worn so i jammed jum stuff under the side closest to the window to level it out and then just lubricated the window seals with sme silicone base spray, this makes les work for the motor and it goes up and down a hell of alot easier

Note - when taking the door card off, ensure that the little plastic wing mirror adjuster piece is out of the way incase yu accidently crack it.
oh wow thank you for the detailed info!
i'll give it a bash at the weekend (so i can do it in daylight!) and see what i find :)

what did you use to jam in where the runner had worn?

secretmachine said:
oh wow thank you for the detailed info!
i'll give it a bash at the weekend (so i can do it in daylight!) and see what i find :)

what did you use to jam in where the runner had worn?


No problem :)

I just something that asnt going to fall out, i think it was a carefully folded piece of duct-tape If i remember correctly. and in betweeen that just a thin slice of metal i had laying round, was only a few mm big, anyway let us know how it goes and remember to try lubing the felt door runners first to see if that cures it first (y)