Technical indicators not working

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Technical indicators not working


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Jan 16, 2009
my weekender has recently been causing me problems , firstly the l/h indicator stuck on , ( not blinking , but on constantly) even when the engine was swithed off and key removed , i had to take out the 3 bulbs and still it was showing as an indicator on , on the dash .

a few days later , my alternator has now gone faulty .

any help greatfully appreciated .

ps. i have replaced the full switch stock round the steering wheel and the problem still persists, the indicator light even stays on when i dis-connect the multiplug at the steering wheel.

feel like scrapping it !!
hi , thanks for your reply , no , i dont have an aftermarket alarm .

we have had some really wild weather here recently and the day this happmed , i went through a flood , dont know if this has had anything to do with it

The alternator may have got soaked in the flood, but I dont see how you could get the indicator fault that way. Taking the bulbs out and drying the holders wouldnt hurt though. You could also try removing the flasher relay(underneath the column, remove the bottom cover and it's there. Clean the 3 mounting contacts and refit. It could also be a fault in the hazard warning switch. You could try operating it a few times to see if that clears if not you could take it out and check its not shorted internally.