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Apr 8, 2004
Well I test drove a 150 Tjet Dynamic on friday for a couple of hours and I was gob smacked and lost for words. Its roomy, quiet, comfortable and bloody quick :eek:. The engine pulls hard from the start through every gear very impressive for a 1.4 Turbo. If I had the cash I would of drove away with it and just ignore the fuel costs :cool:. Think im going to have to go for a GP for financial reasons only :(.
The 1.4 Turbo is actually pretty good on the fuel. Suprisingly so.

Not good enough for me and my driving style unfortunatly :rolleyes:. I'd only average about 44mpg on the motorway and half that around town. It is good for a petrol turbo mind :D.
I had a BMW 5 series owner asking me what the car was on Sunday. He was genuinly impressed. Never been asked what my car is before. I had a silly smile on my face for hours after :D
Yeah FIAT have come on leaps and bounds with quality the new bravo is a living example. The only thing I could see / feel that looks cheap was the Blue&Me port with a Microsoft sticker half stuck on and at an angle :rolleyes:.

Oh and I think the inside of the engine bay looks cheap on the 150 Tjet it looks like a mountain of cheap tin metal heat shields covering the exhaust manifold etc. Not like im too bothered as its hidden away for 98% of the time.