General Idle Control Valve Screws mashed.

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General Idle Control Valve Screws mashed.

The Equalizer

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Apr 1, 2005
Hi Y'all

Just bought a new Idle Control Valve off ebay, went to fit it, had the old one out, 2 or 3 times to clean with no probs, but this time i have mashed the screwheads up.

First problem is how to get them out.

second problem is that Fiat spares in Harlow, checked their computer & didn't have the part no. for the screw & said it wasn't listed.

Just wondered if anyone new the part no. by chance.

Any helpful tips on how to get the screws out would be great too.

Many thanks

Well unfortunately it is the bottom screw, (typical)

But i hadn't thought of cutting a slot in it.

If i can get on it, it may work.

Thanks Custard boy, will have a go now, & get back to you.


Well, I don't think I'm gonna be able to get on it.

I have been out there with the hacksaw blade, trying to cut a slot, but I aint having any luck.

Whats next, to take the whole carb off ? ? ?
Thanks custard boy for your help.

I got it off.

I had to force a mini hacksaw in, then I had a problem with the slot being too thin, so I ground down a screwdriver bit that I had, so that it fitted the slot, & Robert is in fact my mothers brother.

I fitted the new Idle Valve, & took the car for a spin, It was messing about with the revs all the time, so i did the 90seconds on & off business to reset the ECU, didn't seem to make a lot of difference, but at least it aint stalling all the time.

I'll keep ya all informed, as to whether the revs settle down or not.

So thanks again mate.

i owe you one.



I was a wee bit more lucky as it was the top screw. and managed to get it off with pliers. I swapped out the value and first got the same as you as the revs where all over the place. I reset the ecu by just unplugging and reconnecting straight away, and is now all is fine:)

Never bothered to replace the damaged screw I just did not tighten it too much plus applied some "copper ease" to the thread.
Hi All

I've heard of resetting ecu as Donald described. Is there a difference between unplugging/reconnecting ecu as opposed to disconnecting/reconnecting battery? I had the stalling problem until engine had warmed up but the revs were then OK. Fixed stalling problem and now have idling up and down between 1000 and 2000 rpm.


Hi Donald

Thanks for that. The radio code I was given when I bought the car doesn't work anyway, as I discovered the first time I disconnected battery!

Best wishes