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60s failure

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Oct 17, 2012
hi there im new.. but ill get to the point i have a 1988 fiat uno 60s mk1 1.1 carburetor.(y)

i have changed all the plugs, leads, checked the cap, and got a new coil however... i have so much trouble starting it when its warm, and also when warm if i dont have my foot on the gas it will die slowly and will not idle for long at all.(n) Then i have to try again to start it (which is hard):confused:

now i belive it may be the idle air-intake control valve (if it has one) i just dont know where to find it...ive spent hours trying to look all over the engine bay unsuccsesfully with no luck:bang:... can anyone show my where it will be if possable ...or lend me your knowledge on what it could be.. thanks a lot:slayer:
The fast idle control valve sits in the throttle body of the carburetor, in the bottom 3rd.
You would need to remove the carb to be able to see/measure the gap and to adjust it. I would try to get a replacement ignition module first, it is probably the most common failure and have somewhat similar symptoms to what you posted. It is the little black box on the distributor.
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Have you had the carburettor apart, and removed the jets to blow out all the jets, and the passageways in the carburettor.

I have has some idling and acceleration issues recently, I did this, fitted an aftermarket fuel filter and so far so good.

Oh and my carburettor has 250,000km on it.
Nothing else has ever been adjusted, it goes fine.
Economy is good, 37-39 mpg on open road running.
yes i did the same and no its not that. its still stalling...maybe it is the module as HYPERSPACE said, but how much are they in NZ$
Man, its not an expensive part as such.
Mine packed up on the road, and I was towed to an unknown garage, which charged me R350 including labour to install it.
Thats about 50 hobbit dollars :)