hi people just joined.

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hi people just joined.


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Oct 13, 2007
hi people i'v just joined
iv got a mk1 punto 1.2 sporting
it's a bit off a working progress.
still love it tho.:slayer:
thanks im just finding my way around. can get some
good info on here its great
thanks. iv only had it 2months it was standard when i got it but im having a few problems with it at the mo its doin my headin lol :bang:
the anti roll bar snaped just had it fixed, the gear box is goin f**k and rear shocks and spring went on it so i got a full gmax kit off ebay for £50 just put the rear 1's on for now gona do the front next week somtime.
o ya and the rear wiper dosnt work lol.
im thinking off selling it and starting again lol
or insted off getting the gear box fixed puting a
gt engine and gear box in it my mate has just smashed his gt so i can get the parts cheap.
its my first fiat not going so good:mad:
thanks. im gona go and raid my mate smashed
gt next weekend lol iv made a list off all the parts
im gona take off. looking at it its gona be a BIG job
might have to buy a cheap car to run around in.