General Hi Panda Folks - 4x4 project help please ? ?

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General Hi Panda Folks - 4x4 project help please ? ?

Apr 8, 2018
Dear Panda experts , 4x4 Pandas ,

Hi folks I am new to the site , Route4kcg .... I am a happy owner of a Fiat Multipla 1.9jtd , 2008 2nd generation . Had 1.9jtd with ex missus and we loved it , so did the kids . Real shame Fiat did not invest in it , keep it going etc .... I have donated to the site ( brilliant Ben ? ) I hope to get myself set up properly on the Multiplas section , go to club meets . I have Advanced Progressive Prostate cancer , was going seriously downhill until they changed my meds . Fingers crossed , things looking a lot brighter these days . Still very early days ( I had it since 2014 , went to my bones in 2017 , going very pear shaped Jan 2020 ) . I have a mate who has just bought a LandRover Discovery 2.5tdi converted proper off-road . We are hoping to have some fun in his but I want to get my own for my kids , grandson . I want a Panda because I had a Fiat Panda 750 in my twenties , loved it , only car stolen , the thief's brought it back ! Only car I ever sold for more than I paid for it , except for a Morris Marina 1.7 saloon ? .
I want a Fiat Panda because after off-road conversion my Multipla will be able to tow on a trailer , it is smaller , lighter to work on than a big affordable 4x4 , Suzuki SJ's are getting cult status and very expensive . So please can someone help me with the following :
Tips where to get a budget one ?
Anyone has converted to proper off-road so can you advise me for parts for
Snorkel , raise ride height , off-road wheels & tyres , winch , outside roll cage , any useful tips
This will be very much appreciated ?
Kevin - B'ham

Also as I am new to this site ... Have I posted this thread in the Panda Classic Section ? Have I posted right ??? Thanks Folks ?
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Welcome. I don't have any advise as to where you might find a panda but when you do get one these guys have everything you will ever need to go off road. I am in the process of fixing mine up a bit and havn't actually recieved my parts yet but the guys have been very helpful and easy to deal with and seem to know what they're doing.
Hi & welcome .... I would think the best places to look are probably where you're already looking.... eBay, Gumtree, Preloved, Facebook marketplace...members on Facebook classic panda group sometimes share ads they've spotted or mention on the site that they're selling their car.....bit like here? 4x4 seem to becoming harder to get & expensive for one which is sorted? Best wishes regards the treatment.
Hi Folks ,
Thank you for your help . I can see that from all the advice , getting a Panda 4x4 offroader for a budget is not happening . I was just so out of touch with everything . It would have to be a labour of love / passion . Thanks Jack about Suzuki SJ advice too . I think if it is going to happen it is going to be one of two routes ..... Build fabricate a pure off Roader and find a 4x4 running gear donor , best option a cheap Autotrader 4x4 that I can either get an MOT on or work out towing options ..... I appreciate folks looking at my posts and replying . Everything just keeps going up and up , etc ......

All the very best to folks ?
Kevin - B'ham