Hi, new member from S. Wales

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Hi, new member from S. Wales


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Jan 4, 2006
Hey, I've just joined the forum. Although I have been reading quite regularly since i got my Fiat about 6 months ago.

Anyway, I'm from Newport, S. Wales. I bought my car, a Fiat Bravo approx. six months ago. It's the 100sx version, W Reg.. I wanted to hold out for a HLX spec car, but i really needed a form of transport asap so i ended up with an sx. Since i bought the car, i've also bought Mk1 HLX alloys, a HLX spoiler & clear side repeaters. It seems to be the general consensus that the clear repeaters are chavish, however i think they set my car off great..

I won't be doing any serious modding (been there, done that in the past). I mainly joined up to ask technical questions, like for example about the clutch slave cylinder.. which on my car appears to be buggered.

I did think the Bravo would be quicker than it is, i know 100bhp isn't much these days, but i owned a Clio RSi before (much lighter i know), this was 110bhp and it seemed twice as quick as my Bravo! I also owned a VW Scirocco, which was a closer comparison weight wise, it was also 110bhp, this also was much quicker. Maybe i have an underpowered bravo!

So anyway.. Hey!