Hi Guys, Please read, you could help...

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Hi Guys, Please read, you could help...


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Feb 10, 2006
As said I am new and posting a message here. For some background I have a MK1 (i think - its a P Reg) black fiat punto. Really want to do some stuff with it but just not sure where to go. I am absolutely rubbish at DIY so would always want someone to do car bits for me. Lazy I know but hey...My biggest problem which i have endlessly researched on the net is how to remove that pain in the bum gear knob and fitting a new one. also i want to find out how big my alloys could be if they were on just a standard punto that has nothing else done to it.

Looking forward to talking peoples..

Peace out
There are many ways of taking your gear knob off.

The easiest is to hacksaw it off.

Some people have found if you put it into 4th and pull on it really hard it will break off. There are quite a few threads about it, as well as the alloys :)

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