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hi every 1

want a gp so badly

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Sep 6, 2007
i'm still deciding on my new punto the biggest engine i can go for is the 1.3 diesel or 1.2 petrol:( in dynamic spec can any1 tell me if i'll find this dissapointing :confused: every one on the site seems to have sportings:worship: which look the mutts nutts by the way!!! any advice would help;)
Been there and worn the T shirt with the GP and glad its gone ..but dont let me put you off and I hope you have more luck with the car ..welcome to here by the way (y)
Not very helpful Phil...guy wants a GP but asking which version would be best not to be put off.

I always feel that people should be aware about a cars shortcomings and the GP has many ..If I were him I would be glad of other peoples imput so that I didnt buy a bad car which IMO the grande punto is ..couldnt wait to get shot of ours after four months of ownership ..thank god the wife agreed and bought the new stilo :slayer:
New Stilo is a good one just a stupid glove box hinge broken :bang: beauty of the stilo is they ironed out the faults and then discontinued it :rolleyes: