Hi and Hello from a blast from the past

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Hi and Hello from a blast from the past


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Aug 30, 2023
How many times to I have to say Hi?...lol... Hiiiiiiii
We have a great 1991 LHD Fiat Ducato Hobby 600 motorhome... Runs very well & is well looked after. We go abroad every year... never go into cities and enjoy 'on the beach' holidays from Brittany to Portugal and all the in between... If anything, I would say if it stays out of a garage it will go forever.
What do they do to it when they have my motorhome ?... A list of advisories at the MOT mostly repeating what the last year's MOT said that we have already put right...then the latest is a clutch that plays up that didn't before and now after 3 attempts to adjust the clutch cable the hub cap is bolted on over the valve when they changed the tyres and track rod end.... Such carelessness - I cannot describe my utter contempt for them. Then one has to take it back to them to put right what they have done wrong... Is it any wonder that I don't trust them?
Yes, I am a terrible person slating these idiotic mechanics but patience wears thin after a lifetime of seeing it all before. Sorry I am the original female version of Meldrew!