Hi and Ciao Buon giorno

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Hi and Ciao Buon giorno


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May 3, 2010
New Forest
already have one 'Fiat' and used the knowledge power of some of 'your' guys at Brooklands over the weekend to track a part down.

This is my chance to say Ciao to you all out there, and tell you a little about myself. My time is spent either here in the UK or out in the Far East, diving and taking photos.

I enjoy renovating and rebuilding cars and things so will be looking for something old and decrepit, a bit like myself, to 'do-up' and breath life back into the chassis.

I can think of worse ways of spending my retirement...

The guys on the stand were nice and friendly and it makes a welcome change from other experiences on some forums and car clubs.

No doubt will get to know you all a bit better over the months to come.

all the best for now, addio and arrivederci, Catchpole