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General Help Urgent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sep 25, 2004
I havent got a clue what the hell is going on i need to open my bonnet i have a punto mk2 i tried opening the bonnet today pulling the red lever however it seems to be all weak and no mater how far i pull it back it doesnt seem to open it just seems all weak and theres give for it to make the click noise for when u kow the bonnet has been opened ne suggestions are very much appreciated as i know the car is low on oil and water the red pull lever just seems slack and no matter how far u puul it doesnt ge newhere i feel if i yank it too hard i may break it??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????/ please help people as soon as possible
hey thnx for that custard boy once i manually open will it be ok for nex ttime or will i have to keep doing this evferytime also dont think i can get under there as i have a modded bumper and car is lowered 50mm might have to get it on a ramp or somethn