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500X Help please bike carrier


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May 31, 2020
Hello thank you for letting me in. I need advice ref a bike carrier for my 500x 2019, I really don’t want to go down the towbar route having spent a fortune on my new e bike. I see there is nothing Posted ref this since 2016, any body bought one recently, such a low loading carrier please. Thank you for the opportunity to ask
No experience of this except for a quick web search a moment ago.

You don't want a tow bar solution so I saw this Saris Gran Fondo 2-bike rack. Is this what you mean by "low loading carrier".



The reason I picked this example is that unlike an "across" / "width way" mounting rack the rear number plate and lights are far less obscured and very much less likely to get you in trouble with the police.

With an across / width way carrier then unless it is a carrier that holds the bike high and above the lights and number plates then you will still need a trailer board with number plate and lights to be fully road legal.

The towbar racks that have built in rear lights and number plate are becoming very popular and I could well imagine that if many people are going to the expense of being legal then those not doing so will be seriously attracting the attention of the authorities as time goes by.
I don't know what the specifics of the 500X or your EBike

However, I know an EBike is very much heavier than a pedal bike, they're too heavy for a car roof and may well be too heavy for mounting on the rear without a tow bar.

You probably need to speak to a specialist, get it wrong and the car and bike could be seriously damaged.

Good luck

Well this a very interesting informational link. Basically the site (roofbox) are saying that the 500X tailgate is not suitable (by design) to have a tailgate bike carrier.

I have no intention of disagreeing with roofbox. Clearly more detailed research is required across ALL bike carrier manufacturers to ascertain what is possible and more importantly what is guaranteed/insured/compensation/etc by any make should there be issues.
I use the factory roof rails and racks and then add the Tule bike rack to that. I have an ebike that i run up there no problems