Technical help me please

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Technical help me please

lil nuttyadam

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Oct 11, 2007
east sussex
hey everyone i have a fiat punto grande 1.2 active and i have got an ipod nano and want to connect it but cant because......its a built in cd/radio player

does anyone know how to connect an ipod nano to the cd player?? plzzzzz help
many thanks
Post that in the Ice section you will get more people reply to you there..welcome to the forum (y)
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lil nuttyadam said:
hi there so if i buy the car kit will it defo work??
and another couple of things to ask whats happened to your gp?
and how do i find the thing i have posted cause i keep losin them and dnt know how to find the one i posted :mad:
wb please many thanks adam

Well i cant promise anything but im sure if you buy from a dealer then it would be specific to your car and should work. I dont actually have one cos i have/had a higher model which comes with a different system to connect an ipod that cant be fitted after manufacture (blue&me).

As for finding your posts, there is a menu some where near the top of the thread click it and select "subsricbe to thread" this will add the thread to your profile so any time you click on "user CP" an the top of the page, any threads you are subscribed to that have new messages will show up or you can click on "show all subscribed threads" to see them all.

It is quite overwhelming at first but if you use the forum alot it becomes quite easy to find stuff once you know where evrything is! I have only been a member a month!

As for my GP, its a long story, read this thread if u have the time lol:
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