hello to all, Plz help

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hello to all, Plz help


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Mar 12, 2006
Hi every body. This is my first post so i hope this works lol.

I own a Mk1 Punto 85 1.2 16v s reg.A few mods have been done and it looks kinda nice now, sadly, I am having problems with the rear arm bushes wearing out realy quick and being peplaced far too much. The car has g-max sus on and lowered by 40mm progressive springs. Why is this?

Incorrect choice of suspension?
Hard springs not progressive?
Or is it something else?

If it needs uprated bushes where (if) you can buy them?
Can you just buy a kit so you dont have to replace the whole arm?
Any help on this subject is very apprecited, Thanks all

Ps Sry but no pics of car, i will have some soon.
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Nov 5, 2004
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Welcome :wave:

Not one of the punto lot myself but theres loads out there that'll be able help. I suggest you go post in the punto section ;)