Hello im new !!

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Hello im new !!


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Jan 30, 2006
Hi im brand new to this site .Im a moderator for a site called www.undergroundcruise.com from the midlands we are a small web site with around 250 members. The sight is only 4 months old.We arrange meetings with ofther sites and also show and shine comps etc.If any body is interested in having a look then please do!! ,we are trying to spread are wings and get new members and more show cars.
Any way enough about that im 20 years old and own a fiat punto 1.2 elx
it is modified with full suttle body kit full custom ice install .And runs at about 90 horses i am much in love with my fiat and this forum seems ideal for me!
I will post some pictures soon and u guys can let me know what you think.

This is a great web site site!!

Thanks Blackpunto

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welcome to the forum (y)

Enjoy your stay, if any of your site members own fiats, dont hesitate to recommend (y)

Make use of all the facilities we have :)
thanks for the welcome everybody!!.i am really enjoying looking at the site gonna have a good look round it today!.

RE: ghostwkd the site is based ner Telford mate

RE: Sonic74205 my punto is black lol .it has been lowered on spax shocks and spring 45mm.blacked out windows.full body kit as soon as i will post some pics.

Thanks again 4 the welcome