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Mar 19, 2006
Well this will be my 2nd cinq and 3rd Fiat... :) I also have a Alfa 147 selespeed as my day to day car as the cinq is my fun thrash about. Once I have run it for a bit I may have to improve performance, but for now I am happy to get excellent grin factor for fantastic MPG.. I am normally a metro person and have had 14 of those including 3 with the 1.8s fitted which are also fun... but its getting to damned hard to get one without needing to do a couple of hundred quids worth of welding now.

So I gone back to the cinqs for now. Last one I had was a broom yellow which is my favorite colour but I couldnt say no to the new one as it was a bargain although had a running issue. ( now sorted) Its a R reg in Silver, needs a few bits and pieces doing but I shall do it at my leisure.

Its nice to have one car that actually lets me change the gear...as my alfa selespeed annoys me sometimes :)