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Hello from Dorset


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Sep 11, 2023
Hello All.

Pleased to meet you. Found the forum after Googling a few concerns I've had regarding the 2007 Panda Active I purchased on eBay a few weeks ago, and it has been very helpful.

The car has 72,600 miles on the clock and runs well, but with no record of a timing belt/water pump change in its life, that was the first thing I replaced. Followed by fresh oil and filter, fresh transmission fluid, brake pads & shoes check, hydraulic brake fluid flush and new o/side rear shock absorber which was a MOT advisory last year (n/side was replaced 18 months ago). Enjoying the car so far, with its [perhaps not so] rare Fiat transverse roofbars...

Many many years ago I owned a white LHD Fiat 850 Coupe which I paid 150 quid for - yes, it was that long ago - and did a memorable round trip to the Isle of Skye in it from London. Then later, early 2000's, I owned a 2,000 miles-from-new Cinquecento and put a further 20k miles on it. So this is my 3rd Fiat, and I'm hoping it will be good for many years of motoring here on the South Coast of England.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

ps. If any Panda fans have not seen this great little documentary on YouTube titled FIAT | WELCOME TO PANDELLERIA, I think you'll like it.


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