Fiorino (Mk3) Hello everyone

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Fiorino (Mk3) Hello everyone


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Jan 26, 2023
New member here..... I usually sculk around Ford Transit and Landrover forums, but Ive just bought a Citroen Nemo 1.4 diesel 2010 off a mate, and I just know I'm going to need some advice from you good people on the forum.....

Had the van 2 weeks, and already had to replace the alternator, as its pully wheel gave up the will to live and started rubbing against the case What a faf that was to remove, as there's little room to get your tools in.... todays job is replacing the top suspension mount on the drivers side.... pretty easy job to be honest.
Hi there, just joined so I’d thought I’d say hello to everybody. Recently bought a 2000 decato camper van, love it but a few minor problems which I’ve sorted out but have got stuck with the screen demister, nothing coming out! Fan blowing at full belt plenty of heat coming out of all the other vents but when you turn the dial to screen no air at all. Fan still going strong. Obviously there’s a flap somewhere under the dash not opening but no idea where. If anyone out there had this problem and fixed it I’d be very grateful if you’d get in touch.
Well, top mount, and drop link on the o/s replaced, and its cured my rattling over rough ground. Accidentally popped off the driveshaft and emptied a litre of 75w80 all over the garage floor.... opps. Emptied it all out, and refilled with 2lts of Commer mineral 75w80 from Halfords, which round here was the only place open. Also replaced the front disks and pads, which was needed as the o/s only had about 2mm of meat left on the pads....

Then gave the van a mopping all over, taking off some sort of yellow stain on the bottom of the paintwork. She looks nice and white again....

Next job is going to be a clutch change, but Im going to wait til its a little warmer.....