Hello everybody!

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Hello everybody!

Mar 22, 2006
Northern Ireland
hi all just wanted to introduce myself.
i am scottie i live in northern ireland and i am 18 years old, i bought a 2004 fiat stilo 1.2 active one month ago and i have just put on a set of 18inch Kahn RSC's, getting it lowered soon. the colour of my car is 'lounge grey' i think, its an early 2004 with 14000miles. i am really enjoying the car and im getting around 42mpg even with the 18inch wheels. so im really happy with it. :)
Welcome Mate and as another Stilo owner tell me do you get any rubbing with the 18" wheels :)
yes i do get rubbing and the car is not even lowered, i will post a few pics when i get home, all i really have done is the small font numberplates, Kahn sunstrip and 18inch kahns, planning on lowering it in the next few weeks.
absolutley love the stilo, great car. although mine is only a 1.2 the 6 speed 'box helps it a lot and i can quiet happily cruise along at motorway speeds. ;)
i have asked the question in a thread in the stilo styling section.
Thank-you all for welcoming me to the forum, much apprectiated