Hello all and please help me!!!(Gearbox trouble)

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Hello all and please help me!!!(Gearbox trouble)


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Jan 8, 2006
Hi fellow Fiat owners,
Im having trouble with my old N reg Fiat Bravo, Ive just updated my Fiat (just before Christmas) to a brand new Stilo.
I left the bravo off the road on my father in laws drive since about 3 weeks before Christmas, i went today to take a few photo's of the car to put it up for sale and the reverse gear just seems to have gone (frozen, seized??) I can get into all the other gears fine but the reverse is defo not there?
Anyone have any ideas on what could be causing this, please dont tell me its a new gearbox job, Its a nice little car needs a few improvements and a bit of cleaning up but otherwise its a superb runabout!
Please help!!!
Gearbox selector could have packed in, this isnt an expensive job. One of the more knowledgeable will be along shortly

Maybe because it has been stood for a while, maybe some more gearbox oil???
Thanks Chap,
Now just so you all know, im useless (n) when it comes to cars whether it be engines or things that might seem simple to you,but im having a go though with this!!!:slayer:
How do i change the gear box oil, to be honest i do not know where to start!
So am i thats why id wait for one of the more knowledgeable to come along. Those are suggestions that could be way wrong
Have you driven the car and had it in all the gears? It does sound like somw kind of selector problem. It could be the reverse inhibitor not allowing you into reverse but that would be hard to explain a solution if you are not that confident with cars.

have you tried it with engine running and going from first to reverse? is there a cable for reverse on bras? that may have siezed or come off
hi again,
i have had the car running and all the gears work fine except reverse?
I have also tried going from every gear to reverse but it is as if its not there!!
I have to thank you all for your comments but as ive stated am not that clued up on cars so most of the spiel i havent got a clue!
Just wondered really if any of you have encounted anything like this and there possibly was an easy solution!
If it is a selector problem does anyone have any idea how much this would cost???
thanks again
there was a post once where a bloke hadnt drove his car for a while, and could not get reverse it turned out that he has lifting stick to put in reverse instead of pushing down or visa versa