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Sep 26, 2007
My BRAVA 115 ELX Cam belt gone valves & valve guides replaced Engine runs fine but stops for no reason after a few minutes, also engine over heating. Got any ideas , plz help A S A P .. :worship:

Had a cam belt go in my Ford Granada 7 years ago. had a new cam belt fitted and my engine would do the same..start then die,....... pistons meeting valves "bad news"........
Try to source a good used engine form a breakers with a guarantee.

Sometimes with Cam belt snaps you get lucky and sometimes not just luck of the draw:slayer:.


hey thanx 4 replies yeah all gaskets were fitted , damaged valves & valve guides were replaced . Engine runs gr8 for a few minutes then cuts out , plus over heats aswell , Just one other thing the car had stood un-repaired for a few months before going in garage , and the battery was flat & probably still not fully charged. Could this be a problem ?
water level ok? water hoses hot?

is it necessary to replace pistons when it meets the valves?
get a lambda sensor tester to check if it cuts out at the same time that the lambda starts switching. if you dont have a lambda tester you can use a multimeter. the switching happens more quickly that a digital meter's refresh rate but you should still notice when it stats switching voltage. set the multimeter on the lowest dc voltage setting (2v if it has that setting)

overheating after the head is replaced is often due to an airlock, have the bleed screws been used after the coolant was refilled?