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General Head Gasket *Cost*


Dec 31, 2003
How much would a replacement head gasket be on a classic Panda? Is it more than the car is worth?

If your doing it your self cheep head set £15.00-£20.00 and half a day work garage about £150.00 -£180.00 if that helps.

I wish!

I've just had mine done, new gasket, head skim, cambelt + tensioner along with a new silencer, the bill came to £420. :(

I doubt the car is worth much more than that even now it's fixed, it's a very nice low mileage example but Panda's don't fetch much these days..


First off it'd be good to know what model Panda is in question and the condition. If you have the bits you could put a whole engine in...
I know the head gasket might be a biggish layout but I'm not sure if any of us would be driving Pandas if we thught of every expense on those terms. I'd say it depends how much you want to carry on driving a Panda!
It might sound expensive, but if you didn't pay out for it you'd still have to fork out more to find a replacement car. Plus a replacement car might have its head gasket go at some point so it could end up costing you more than twice what it would to sort out your Panda.

Here's a little secret. Cars like the Panda are very simple so when things do go wrong they don't cost a lot to fix in comparison to more modern vehicles. There's also much less to go wrong in comparison to modern vehicles! Once it's been done then you know it's sorted, something you won't know with a replacement car.

Plus I've noticed that old cars like the Panda and Uno are starting to go UP in value as people realise that they are easy and cheap to repair, plus they can go on and on with relatively little needed doing to them. As long as the MOT points of the shell aren't rotten a Panda can go on forever :slayer:

Get it fixed - you know it makes sense ;)
i have no idea how mechanically minded you are

but as generall mechanincs go i found it pretty easy.

you will do it in a day.
and the gasket i got was £5.50

iv donr it twice now. once on a 999cc and once on a 1242cc before i went in the car. it fine. you need to borrow a torque wrench and dont rush.
and be clean at the crutial stage.

you might need it skimming if it overheated ect..
(around £40)

hope you (or your garage) mend it
panda are worth saving !

Here's a little secret. Cars like the Panda are very simple so when things do go wrong they don't cost a lot to fix in comparison to more modern vehicles.

That's what kept me on board in the end. I had the hump big time with the car costing me as much as it's worth to fix, but for comparison a set of spark plugs for the Merc, fitted by a main dealer, is £320 :eek: . I could go on - wrong side of £800 for a new headlight, for example. And I have heard that a new engine, fresh out of the crate from Germany, is in the region of £19,000. :eek: :eek: :eek:

So Pandas - Cheap (y) . Maybe a little on the slow side :eek: . But Cheap (y) .


you can't put a price on a classic.

Strange... using that rationale those Gullwing Merc owners would sell their cars to me for a £5.

when working out the cost of a repair... take into account the condition of the car as a whole. Is it likely to cost you more money in the near future?... when was the last time you had it checked over?

then balance this against the cost of the work, the cost of a replacement car and the possible cost of additional insurance, and if you have bought a car of similar value to your Panda... when is it going to break down, because lets face it you are most likely getting something fairly tired.

If at some point the panda is looking like a money pit... bin it.
she was looking at the one in classifieds that needed new gasket, i think she looking for a better one that dont need work now