Tuning Have You Lowered Your Barchetta

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Tuning Have You Lowered Your Barchetta

I've lovered mine for -45mm. Everything works fine, only when driving through small holes or. the road is bed, the car is harder and shakes more... :D
I've bought a lowered one. But I don't know how much is it lowered... - just 5cm from engine protection...
yep i lowered mine in 1997, 35mm front, 30mm rear.
It got rid of the wobbly lane changes on motorways so is much safer (had nightmare moment on autobahn). used eibach.(y)
still going strong after 85000 miles.
However have lived a hard life bashing around gothenburg, the rear swing axles have both in their entirety been replaced. Mucho wonga ouch!. (n)
apparently this is quite common with higher mileage lowered barchetta's.
I fitted Koni sport shocks (fully adjustable) with Koni springs about 6 months ago now. Looking back its money well spent and i would do it again, plus if you fit 17" alloys you have to lower the car for that sexy look.


I would give them a go and fit them yourself, Its not a hard job.

Doc Orange Peel
I'm lowering my Barchetta with yellow Koni sport shocks and Eibach springs. Does anybody know which torque to use when tightening the screws on the rear shocks?
Hiya, just want to liven this thread up as contemplating new suspension.
I now have the Bilstien sport kit which is Bilstien shocks coupled with Eibach 30mm lowered pro springs.

The set up is great although I would like to see the front sitting a little lower and more agressive so thinking of a fully adjustable coilover set up.

Is anyone riding lower than 30mm on 17inch wheels and how does it feel?

also If anyone is interested in my Bilstien/Eibach set up just pm me. (y)