Technical Has anyone ever welded a arch in a cabrio?

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Technical Has anyone ever welded a arch in a cabrio?

Our Punto Cabrio failed in Jan 2022. "Seat belt anchorage prescribed area strength or continuity significantly reduced"

N/S & O/S rear and N/S & O/S front! Four major areas
It sounded terminal, but on close examination it was all "relatively" straightforward. The inner sills were pretty good...a bit of rot (well rather a lot!) at the ends, but the outers were bad at the ends and up into the front of the rear wheel arch.
My local genius cut away all the rusted metal, formed new sections and welded them in, then did the same where needed on the front of the inner rear wings. While he was at it he made a couple of sections for the floor under the centre cross member! Everything was sealed with seam sealer, rust proofing applied plus paint and then sprayed with stone guard! It took about 10 hours including taking off & refitting the plastic finisher panels etc.
So for not much over £300 "NOG" was back and legal.
This year, no body worries, advisories on Front brake hoses & a drive shaft boot! Phew!
We have had the car from new (1998) Just reached 70,000!
I think it is a keeper!
Now on Classic Insurance
Managed to find a couple of pictures...Unfortunately I did not take one of the gaping holes after the rust was cut out!
The right hand picture does, however, show the black hole where the sill closure panel should be!


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