General Ha Ha got my fiat now for mod's!"!

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General Ha Ha got my fiat now for mod's!"!


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Mar 30, 2006
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Ok i got my punto in white as yoyu may or may not know, its a 55 sx witha sporting look heres a picture at teh bottom, im going to add my tinted windows spray the rear lights, and add footwell neons just to add some colour, i want to put a sun strip on it soo for the reason that sun annoys me :D (y) lol.

Wha else can i do, no body kits etc i get bored of changing teh style i like the style of it as it is!

all tint.jpg

Btw that is what it will look like with he tinted windows and lights!! Sort of.....wolfrace did it for me cheers dude!
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in my all honest opinion i would remove the bump strips lower it and leave it.
dont go chaving it up with a sun visor as it aint no touring car.

honestly have you seen some of these clio's going around with clio written on them i mean ffs get a life.

but if you really wish to put one on thats fine just ignore me :D
pandy007 said:
yes the bump strip, is it easy to get off........i want gt back seats for the headrests too and...the handles will be a pain to do lol....or not...?

cheers andy (y)
bump strips can be ok to remove if you take your time. if you start the job and come across some black stuff called sikaflex your in for some hard time removing it.
what i done was remove it by autoglym intesive tar remover but it took alot of time.
sometimes you might get lucky and it will come away with the strip but i highly doubt it.

as for the interior best that i have seen so far is the gt2 interior but thats hard to get hold of as every one wants it. gt3 interior is your best bet but get it along with the doorcards and front seat's etc. very easy to install just trial and error really not rocket science.