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Guild War's Game

Jan 14, 2005
Hey guys,

Bought Guild Wars Special Edition today which is one of the best MMORPG's yet its not my thing :( I prefare games like Command & Conquer or shoot "em" up's. The game graphics & sounds are excellent and the game seems really cool with loads of adventures, leveling, classes and skills also the world of Guild Wars is massive but as I say its not really my thing....... RPG's scare me :eek:

Sooo I am wanting to sell the game with the account, I want to take it back to the shop and get my £34.99 back but I cant as I had to register the account with a scratch card so they wont take it back, so i am selling it with the account as well which you can change to your details and change the password and all that kind of stuff (y) also there is no monthly fee with Guild wars unlike with games like EVE-Online

I am looking for around £20 for it? Since i know i wont get anywhere near retail price back, let me know by PM please and help take this game off me as it's such a waste of my money and of a game which scored 2nd on the MMORPG website!