Grande Punto Grande GP 1.4 8v italian stripes


Here is the grande got a few days ago mods planned
boring old stock everything

Future mods
de badge (punto badge, front grill etc.)
different key fob to match the cars colour scheme
stereo (got a kenwood headunit only really need is a fascia tbh)
Under seat sub
possible deep dish alloys

the plan is to be subtle so theres no need for loudness or having to rally around the streets if the car can talk for its self by looks simples!!

thanks for looking let me know what u think
more pics on the way

Coilovers(y) grande punto's look top when they're sat on their nuts
ye i was hoping to do just deck it as much as possible (but being able to get out my street...speedbumps) making it euro i like tht style some deep dish alloys splitters

the picture of what it is changes all the time the other day it had oil out the bk like james bond to stop those poeple who like to ride up ur hoop lol
love white puntos. Get it lowered and it will look like a new car...then concentrate on other stuff ;)
sorry internet is on nd off all week sky need to get there act together... so sorry in advance if im ages in getting back

i was wondering what u thought to get the stripes off the sides so its jst bonnet nd bootlid whether it would be any point???? theres no cars anywhere near me with those stripes guessing its a sorta rare look in scotland??(noob alert on looks)

was also gonna phone infinity wraps see what i can do about light tinting nd mb some sorta cammo or textured wrap ive got a friend with a fiesta Zetec S it looks pretty cool with a black on black cammo which only shows itself in the sun

got a splitter nd the coilovers in the pipeline for definate need a stance to begin with work from there!!!:):)

also more pics went on a bodged together photo shoot with myself!! get them up soon

Im a playing at it photographer i try my best heres some of the better 1ns



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