Gearbox Rebuilds..

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Gearbox Rebuilds..


Principality Retained :)
Jul 16, 2003
...Anyone ever done one?

I have the G/B from my Cinq is several parts and it doesnt look all that complicated....

Only major problem Im having as yet is with the differential...I cant see how it comes apart!! Anyone ever done this or am I barking up a dead herring?
The only thing with the diff is you have to get the preload on it correct - otherwise there will be excess movement which could result in the diff trying to escape through the casing !
Cool, I'll bear that in mind...But Im not that far in yet...the main casing comes after the bellhousing and diff!!

FT - Any advice on how to actually rip the diff apart? I'll bug you about preloading as and when the time comes to preload it :)

Its the same gearbox as on the Brava/o I think (C510 - selectors operated by 2 x cables)
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To be honest its been about 6 years or more since ive repaired/overhauled a gearbox - and ive never adjusted/setup the preload either.

Working in a maindealer its mre cost effective to just replace whole transmission units rather than repair. :eek:

If i remember correctly - which i don't, the diff comes apart after the main bolts are removed from the crownwheel - it then splits into 3 main pieces, 1 of which holds the planet gears.
Its all circlips and rods holding these in place - but i've never stripped a diff ever in my career as a Fiat technician, so i can't take you any further than that.
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Right then...

Anyone know how to remove the cups the driveshaft tripods fit into from the diff? I need to swap them from one box to another...
faster4_tec said:
are the cups mounted outside the diff casing, and they appear tob held on by nothing?

if so get a gear puller on them, if that fails then are probably push fit for life and you cannot repair/rebuild it.

Yep, they go into the diff, they only rotate on the housing and arent mounted to it!

The design means a gear puller wont work, and I cant see how they would push out
punto_jr_sx75 said:
I have done brava 16v and 12 v gearbox rebuilds as the synchro-cones go in them dead easy (2nd gear me thinks, cannot remember) and they were fairly stright forward, you just HAVE to remember to put it back together correctly :p

Good-oh, I know where to come when mine starts crunching ;)
if it is the same box as the bravo then me and Richcinq had mine apart last weekend :D

the diff housing on mine came away by undoing a selection of 13 & 15mm bolts on the back side of the box, then all that is needed is a gentle wiggle to get the diff and casing off. the drive shaft couplings are held in by circlips internally, that once opened up cna easily be got to to remove. had to do this on mine when we swapped

Diff's off and out of the box.

By retaining circlip, according to ePER theres one behind the flange on the NS, but I cant find it. The housing and presumed circlip doesnt really move much (less than 2mm) I cant get access to it easily if its the same one were talking about..
tbh rich took the drive shaft collar off, i think all the did was get a big flat head screw driver on the flat end of the collar inside the diff and lever it out against the bar that runs accross the diff in the oppesing direction...

if that makes sense :confused:
Yeah makes fine sense...I sorted it a few mins ago...

I actually chucked a small flatblade screwdriver into the hole between where the shaft end and the diff vertical shaft and levered against that.

Its out, but I cant find that circlip anywhere!!
glad to hear you got it out fella :D

not sure on the circlip, mine stayed on the drive shaft collar, yours could be anywhere (n) dont you have another driveshaft collar to replace it with? doesnt that have a circlip?