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yeah we have our gamers:-

Americas Army
Toca Racing
blah blah blah lol

i play CS:S somtimes, used to play AA but the versions kept getting updated and i got bored of it lol
Yeah I play DoD quite a lot... Some CS source and some battlefield.

America's Army - I run an FF server [or did, I need to start it up again]
Half Life 2 - still to finish it, lol
CS:S - got it on Steam, haven't played it much
Need for Speed Most Wanted Black edition :slayer:
Star Wars Battlefront II :D
Age of Empires III

yup :D

Toca RD2
CS: Source
DoD: Source
HL2 Deathmatch
Prince of Persia
Colin Mcrea 2005
Battlefield 1942
Batlefield 2 + SF

:D i like games

not to mention my PS2 and xbox (y)
so long as it works on steam or is downloadable its cool :p cant afford anything more on pc for couple of months, and my new screen has 1 dead pixel :cry:
tis alright :D

i just went a bought 400quid worth of stuff, broke one item fitting it, and one doesnt fit :cry:

luckily i have a full supply of kalms tablets :D
I've had my comp working for ages now though :p just cant get o/s :cry: think may have one coming down tomorrow curtosey of Ged20 :D:slayer: shall see :p
well if not, i "should" have 2 copies of Xp and one of 2000 pro if i can get if down to you :D