Technical Fuel Injector light and erratic RPM

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Technical Fuel Injector light and erratic RPM


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Apr 1, 2006

I've got a 97 punto 75 sx. Few months ago the EFI light came up for a while and when it went off the rpm of my car went erratic. Somehow it sorted itself after few days.

I’m having this problem again now, the car starts normal but after few minutes the fuel injection light comes up. when its gone the rpm goes very high and it goes on for a long time till the fuel injection light pops up again and the engines runs normally, than the whole cycle starts again.

I’ve changed the lambda sensor, reset the ECU but no luck.
It’s really put me off Italian cars :bang: . You guys got any suggestions?
Could be anything tbh, injection light can mean a lot of things. You need a diagnostics test on it

I'd check the sparks/leads and coils

Erratic revs could be throttle potentionmeter (sp) or the idle control valve, so maybe remove these and clean
As said above the Injector light could be absolutely anything, it's best to get your car hooked up and tested.

I had a simular problem a while back and it was my idle control valve.
Hi all,

I have a similar problem with my 94 90ELX (1.6 8V) the injector light comes on every now and then and it stays on until you switch off the ignition. The light coming on is normally accompanied by a feeling like you have just taken your foot off the accelerator.

I have been told it could be the exhaust gas recirculation valve. Has anyone else heard this before?