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Fresh meat from W Texas


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Oct 11, 2007
I'll admit it, I'm a noob. I bought a 1981 Spider 2000 in June and drove it 1,400 miles from Michigan back to Texas. It was awsome, but never again. It is now time to rebuild the engine and that is a big reason why I have joined this forum, I need to get some know-how from the pros. I am not totally new to Fiat. My best friend in jr. high and high school had a '76 X1/9 that we both tooled with quit a bit. I am not a mechanic but I follow directions very well. I will try my best to search the threads here but don't be surprised if I pop up with some off-the-wall questions. Any tips thrown my way will be greatly appreciated. See y'all around.

Oh off the wall questions there good and dont be afraid to ask questions that is why this is a forum sometimes it does good to talk to somebody about a particular subject even if there already is a thread.
Sorry im not particularly up on the States names for cars but what is the spider.