Technical Fix found for squeaking ventilation fan

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Technical Fix found for squeaking ventilation fan


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Mar 12, 2007
Milton Keynes
Many months ago I reported a squeaking fan (the ventilation fan used to blow fresh air into the car). It would come on after 20 minutes or so and be very quiet but very intrusive, being audible even with the radio on.

I discovered that the fan is positioned behind the glove box (you can see it if you put your head under the glove box). This is on a 1.3 Mjet but probably the same for all Puntos?

Remove the spindle cover (a small plastic cover over the spindle). Lubricate with plenty of WD40 and/or white grease. Place cloth under spindle (which is vertical) to catch drops of lubricant whilst turning on fan.

Squeak gone for good. Well, OK, I had to reapply the white grease after the WD40 dried out. But now gone for many, many weeks.

At last I can listen to Terry Wogan without that damn squeaking! :D