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General Fitting a starter motor


I'm gunna get a new cinq!
Oct 1, 2005
Hey every one

Can any one tell me how easy/hard it is to fit a starter motor on a cinq?

Very Easy if its a Sporting.

3 bolts on the bellhousing, you cant see any of them, but its fairly easy if you feel your way around!!
i think i have found where the starter motor is

is it at the back of the engine underneath it??
I done this two weeks ago and IMO it ain't that easy, for a start there is pipes, cables and numerous fixtures and fittings in the way of the 3 bolts.

Description of fitting from another thread

Depending on your new starter the solenoid connection maybe different menaing to need to crimp a new connection on the end and underneath the car with the wire being sort means that space is at a premium so the crimping is a fine art, I wasted 10 connectors before I got it right.

I ain't trying to put you off but I'd give yourself a couple of hours to get the job done.

yeah wil prob gve my self a day to do it

and do i need to put it up on ramps or can i work on it from above??
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If you read the decription in my link you'll find out you need to loosen it from above then remove it from underneath, easier if you have ramps than axle stands I suppose.

Just take your time and you'll be fine.

I did this last week, and if you have big hands be prepared to get custs and scratches all over them! One bolt on the top on the bell housing by the gear linkage, flexi extension head is a good tool for that one!

Then the other 2 i did from underneath the car while it was on ramps, they are all 13mm bolts, disconnect the power and earth supply, 2 10mm, and pull out! Takes about an hour or so to get the bolts out then it is very easy!
oh well i did it :slayer:

and it wasnt that hard just it is in such and awkward place with not much room to move but once you got the bolts moving it was easy :) i now think cinqs were made by REALLY small people!!

just gotta go to the local part mart now to match em up and fit it back on (hope its as easy to put on as take off)

when i was dong it with the garage door open a few passers by stopped and had a little chat one guy even drove pasted twice and then stopped!!!

any way thanks for all your advice
bloody hell

the most i have found one for is £80 thats brand new

but been looking round can get em for around £20 -£30