General Fitting a new headunit?

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General Fitting a new headunit?


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Oct 1, 2007
I want to put my MP3 headunit in my Punto but I recently had an experience with my mates Citroen whereby an anti theft device kicks in when you remove the cars original unit and replace it. Each time you start the car it scans looking for its radio and if it doesn't find it it will blow fuses to disable the car. I've changed dozens of headunits in the past with no problems but I just wanted to check there was nothing similar on the Puntos before I started.

It's a 2001 Sporting with a standard fit Blaupunkt.
Ive never heard of anything like that before! You will be fine on your sporting. Just make sure all the wires (such as the +ve feed) etc match up with your headunit. Should just be a case of plugging in two plugs! (and the aerial of course!)
You sure thats an anti-theft device? unless its purpose is to add insult to injury can't see it actually being something they'd put on. If your nicking the car you dont remove the radio first and if your nicking the radio why move the car?, also you get back to your car having had your radio nicked and find you have to have it towed home as well buy a new radio and window. Sounds more like dodgy wiring.
No wires to short as they are multi plugs, as I said I've done dozens of these. Citroen themselves said it was an anti theft device and this was what happened. But then I'm 33 not 17 so what would I know?:rolleyes:
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So just because im 17 my opinion is not valid?

Certainly when I was referring to a completely different make of car acting on advice from a main dealer and you posted a comment that was simply "I know it all, he's done this" Learn how to read situations and people may have more respect for you.
It's in now and sitting fine although I had to buy 2 of the fascia surround things as the first one was crap and was never going to fit. Only annoying thing is my car is fitted with a subwoofer in the boot. (factory fit Blaupunkt to go with the original headunit). I was hoping to use it but the car audio place I got the MP3 unit from said there was no way to make it work with it.