500 Finding the YeYe Green

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500 Finding the YeYe Green

I'd like to add, I totally get it when it comes to the colour of car.
I've just bought a Fiat 500. I'm picking it up tomorrow. When I was browsing, I was thinking to myself "yea, these are okay.. bit bright though...". I definitely didn't want a white car, I don't even own any white clothes.
Then, I saw photos of the Fiat 500 in Bordeaux. Burgundy is by far my favourite colour. I didn't expect to then find one in my price range, so when I turned up at the first dealership and he points to a Fiat 500 in Bordeaux, I could barely contain my excitement.
There is something to be said for the right colour. I've only had Pandas, but if had a 500 it would be a 1.2 Lounge in "Glam Coral" which is an orange/pink colour. It is however a modern colour. Plenty of choice at car supermarkets, all 10 months old. Fairly high depreciation (borne by the manufacturer). And some high miles so car will have had regular use. Around 25 months warranty left and I would be confident car would be totally reliable. And maybe continue to be until I could buy something similar again.