Panda 2012+ Finally got another Panda 4x4!


Been a while, but after px'ing my 169 4x4 for a Volvo XC90 a while ago, we px'd that for a new 4x4 Cross! The Volvo was a great car, bought for long journeys to France and back, but now with Covid and we've another car that can do that, it made sense to get rid of the XC90 for something more suitable for 90% of our driving. Also saves us a bunch in running costs and insurance.

Forgot how nimble these are! Also impressed with the ride, thought it might be a bit crashy, but it's really nice! More tech and mod cons than my 169, but it's still got the character, even if the TA sounds like a 2CV.

It's good to be back!

- Colin
Hey Colin, congrats!
We're twins! Also Toscana. Well, yours is a lot cleaner.
I've had it a month and two days, so far no complaints.
Enjoy. :)
I like the cross front and rear bumpers etc......I have the 4x4 Antarctica 2014 model.
It has the same twinair turbo engine, tons of fun, very nimble, grin inducing sound, full of character and oodles of Italian flair and styling.......