Fiat Uno - What a great little car!


New member
Apr 14, 2020
Llandovery, Wales
So we are looking to migrate to the US during the winters and sold our two modern cars (very quickly) and left us with our shed full of old Fiats so we decided to get the Uno Selecta on the road to tie us over, mainly because the missus only drives autos. It's been off the road for a couple of years so we thought we'd try our luck with an MOT and it passed on Tuesday with only 2 minor advisories on the rear tyre tread. I was gobsmacked. We've since done almost 200 miles to blow the cobwebs off!
Anyway, I just wanted to share this as I nearly always read threads relating to faults etc and thought I'd put up a positive one for a change.
It's just a shame we missed the opportunity to enjoy her this summer and show her off. Maybe we should bring her to Brooklands next month?