Technical Fiat Uno cs (1988) Questions. Need Help :(

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Technical Fiat Uno cs (1988) Questions. Need Help :(


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Aug 17, 2015
Hello guys! Hope you're all doing well :)

I am new to the forum and... new to cars as well, and I'm now facing problems with the family's Fiat.

Problem Number 1:

I was driving back home from class the other day (1 hour ride) and when I was 4 or 5 streets before my house I notice a weird.. tumbling(?) noise on the front right wheel. (I am completely new to cars mechanics and even worse since I'm a native spanish speaker so bare with me please. lol) the wheel or the thing that holds the wheel sounded something like *tacatacatacatacataca* and it sounded louder whenever I made a turn, to the right or to the left, it didn't matter. (If I remember correctly also the faster I went)

A few days ago I decided to check the car and what I did was:

Take off the wheel as if I where to replace it (at least I know how to do that:D) and started checking the breaks on the right wheel and all the screws and nuts there.

I started comparing the right side to the left side to see if I could find something odd and apart from noticing that the parts where slightly different on each side I found this:


Left side for comparison:

I also tried to loosen the nut and after a bit of forcing it the screw got loose with the nut still attached, so the whole thing was rotating instead of just the nut
Is this the problem? or what is it that makes the wheel sound like that? can i fix it? what do I do? I really need to fix the car.

Thank you all very much beforehand for your responses and help!
Have a good evening friends.
Its hard to tell without seeing it, but the sound you describe sounds more like a driveshaft joint, or possibly gearbox to me?

Could also be a stone stuck in the caliper or between the disc & disc shield?
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I think you're tie rod has developed a bit of play,get them checked and get the appropriate parts replaced.
I have an update.... (Don't know how to edit post sorry)
Apparently the sound I describe, starts only when there's a speed on the gearbox, if the car is neutral it stops, but it does only sond like it is on the front right side of the car
When your car isn't in gear your wheels arn't moving that's why you won't hear any noise.I did some research and now I'm pretty sure you need to change the cv joint and axle.
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