Technical Fiat Punto Mk2b 1.4 Sporting oil cap is difficult to remove?

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Technical Fiat Punto Mk2b 1.4 Sporting oil cap is difficult to remove?

Feb 16, 2008
I have an issue with my oil cap on my 2005 Sporting, it's always massively over tight despite how careful I am not to over tighten it!!

I usually have to resort to a pair of pliers and a cloth to help remove it, it's very frustrating to say the least!!

I don't know if this is related but I did have an oil usage and leak issue on the car, going back to my previous Ford I remembered the crank case had a valve which blocks up an can cause excess oil consumption and force oil to leak out..

So I found what I was told was the valve on the back of the inlet manifold an ordered a replacement Bosch item, as it was cheaper than buying it new from Fiat.
But I had the garage do it as it was a pig of job because it runs through the middle of the inlet, as it turns out you have to remove the inlet manifold to do it!!
The garage did say my engine might be worn and over pressured, causing the leaks so would need a rebuild but I'm not 100% convinced myself as the car runs well apart from the slight oil usage.

Which I think I've narrowed down to the end cover leaking on the right hand side of the cam cover, which I've got a gasket for so will do that once the weather improves!!

But is it normal for oil caps to be so right on these 16v engines, and is there anything else I should be looking at as I'm all out of ideas at this stage!