General Fiat Punto 2 (1.2 8v) radio problem

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General Fiat Punto 2 (1.2 8v) radio problem


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Jun 8, 2023
Hello everyone, I have a fiat punto 2 and I have a problem with the radio. The antenna does not pick up any stations at all. For a while it picked up one station, but now it won't pick up a single one. I checked the cable at the back, it's on.
Pull the interior light out, and you will see the nut that holds the cable to the antenna, try tightening that. If that fails I would say to try a new aerial and/or cable
I tried with another radio, and it picks up the stations. So the problem is with this radio, if I could somehow fix it because it's a good radio, it's just messing with it because it doesn't pick up the stations...
What sort of radio? Dab?, fm? Try another adapter in the back of the radio see if that makes a difference. The new stereo may just not like the old antenna
The current antenna on the car is only for FM/AM Radio, if the new stereo has DAB, then you’ll need an extra DAB antenna. I have a cheap magnetic one from Halfords and it was actually the only one that worked with my stereo out of the 4 that I tried
Is that extra dab antenna placed at the back of the radio or at the front?
All you need is just a standard aerial… that stereo doesn’t have dab. I think you just need an aerial booster. My original stereo had signal everywhere.. put a new stereo in and the signal was next to nothing. So get some sort of aerial signal booster an see if that makes any difference