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General Fiat multipla 2000 project


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Nov 15, 2019
Hi all this here is my multipla I purchased off someone who previously let it sit for around ten years. I originally bought it to use as a parts car however after cleaning it up a bit and getting it started I’m keen on getting it on the road. I’m going to be replacing the cambelt and water pump as well as replacing some of the worn out suspension components which would have perished whilst it was standing.

However though it’s in need of some welding. My sister’s boyfriend has a welder and some experience, it needs quite a a bit of welding on the floor sections and by the subframe mounting points, The rear subframe and rear arches have surface corrosion however are solid. The worst part I think is where it’s holed around the rear jacking point. I’ve added photos though in hope I can have some advice on the situation.

I have owned a multipla before this with an abarth body kit which I still own and I’ve had some experience with doing a feel bits and pieces on these quirky cars.


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Apr 21, 2018
North Yorkshire
My 2000 year Multipla JTD was also stood for 6 or 7 years after my father abandoned it, I decided to get it on the road again, the high pressure diesel pump had failed so it would not start and the clutch was poor so we fitted a second hand engine and gearbox, replacing the clutch, DMF, cambelt, water pump and tensioners. We also replace the anti roll bar mountings and a bulkhead brake pipe whilst the engine was out and subframe off.

I had to sort the brakes and replace the interior fuse box - various bad connections and the instrument cluster as all the clocks had stopped working!

Underneath it was pretty solid apart from the bottom sections of the outer chassis/sills which were plated up and treated, four years on and it is still reliable daily transport, just a bit of additional welding required for the next MOT.

Next year I am going to give it a good polish up and probably get the pealing lacquer on the roof done, the rest of the body is in excellent condition.

Good luck with your project and I look forwards to the updates. (y)(y)