FIAT for Fault Diagnosis - W. Yorks

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FIAT for Fault Diagnosis - W. Yorks

Jan 8, 2006
Pontefract W.Yorks
I am wondering if anyone has had any good experiences with Fiat Garages in the Wakefield / Pontefract / Barnsley / Doncaster area ?

My car need some diagnostic checks so it need somewhere with all the right code readers and tools. Unfortunately, the choice is have fiat rip me off for a dianostic or take it to another outfit and have them twiddle all day and come back with nothing or change things on a trial and error basis then tell me lots needed changing so costs even more :bang:

How about Reg Vardy in Castleford or Piccadilly in Wakefield or Stoneacre in Doncaster ??

Anyone, specifically the JTD Diesel specialists (y)

I would do anything to avoid FIAT Dealerships , but needs must.

Call Jim at JB Motors Fiat specialist in Leeds (Morley) if thats not to far?
0113 2523613

He knows his **** with fiats!!! He hooked his fault reader up to my coupe and sorted it out same day!!!:)