Technical Fiat Croma startup noise

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Technical Fiat Croma startup noise


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Aug 12, 2020
Hey guys

I am a member since quite some time but i never wrote anything, i have a Croma from 2008 and recently i had few problem with a strange noise at startup that seems stronger near to the timing belt.

After 30min if driving when the engine warms up the noise it's barely noticeable

I attached some video first at startup (with motor cover open)and then after 30min

of driving. Do you guys have an idea what it could be

When I first read your post I was going to suggest alternator belt, but having heard the noise now from cold if it was me I would first try from cold with alternator belt off, just in case it is something simple, then if noise still there I would try with cam belt cover off if possible and if nothing obviously wrong, try using a stethoscope if you have one or I have often used a long screwdriver to "safely" position near moving parts to trace a noise.
I emphasise "safely" as you don't want the screwdriver to catch something moving and ram the handle through your ear;)