Coupe Fiat Coupe 16VT

A 1996 (I think) Fiat Coupe 16V Turbo


I've got my Uncles Fiat Coupe 16VT in Blitz blue, needs some work but luckily so far from what I've seen she has nearly no exterior rust, only exterior rust is just under the rear light on the drivers side where he dropped something on it, I have no clue how long its been sat off the road. Got access to 2 other coupes, a 20VT and a 16V non turbo for parts before they go to the scrap, its got a set of much better condition 20VT wheels to go on it, stainless steel exhaust, red and black recaro seats etc, it needs a respray, as the paint is very faded and has quite bad lacquer peel on the boot and spoiler, only had a feel around under the sills and I didn't make any holes and no rust came off or was left on my hands so that's a positive, I've got plenty of spares for it already ( a loft full of coupe parts ) so hopefully wont be breaking the bank getting it back to life. what will break the bank is insurance but ill worry about that when and if the car gets back on the road.
So over the past few days since acquiring my Fiat Coupe I have removed almost all the interior, removed some parts and the LE interior from one of my donor coupes and just placed them in my car to keep dry whilst I wait for the garage to be cleared out and my car putting in it. Replaced my boot lid as it was dented and had some aftermarket spoiler that was filled with water. already getting the proper 90s vibes from it and I only placed the seats in ahah, soon ill be taking the stainless exhaust, lights and fog lights, and pretty much everything else I can find that's in decent condition on the 2 donor cars. and once the car is in the garage ill strip the entire car and begin with the rust repairs


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Its been a while since an update over here, updates have been very frequent on the Fiat Coupe Forum, I've been working on the car a decent amount, currently tackling any rust on the floor pan, plan is to strip all the sound deadening and wire brush the entire floor and re-paint once all rust is there is any has been dealt with, the rear passenger quarter panel is completely rusted through on the inside and everything behind it has gone too, not to worry, we cut up the 20v donor which was in good condition in these areas and will be welded in once the weather is nice. Engine will be serviced and a good inspection before running sometime this spring, had a good look around the car and everywhere is all solid no rust except for behind the rear quarter panel, my uncle thinks it has spent most of its life in a garage prior to him owning her and already had rust repairs, hence the lack of rust in other areas


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