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128 Fiat 128 3P


New Pictures 1201.jpg

All 128 3P owners, please post a photo


doesn't have a red cherry bomb exhaust does it? saw one advertised on here bout 6months back, and wanted it badly :D

but couldn't afford :bang:

there ain't many about, you'll only ever see another at maybe one show a year, or maybe not unless you go onto the continent for a big show. shame IMO as they appear to be a nicely rounded coupe job:cool:
Thats the very one. Great to see another photo. Note it had a white grill back then. I only purchased the car back in Feburary of this year. It is in fantastic condition and still goes like hell. It is a pity they are so scarce. I think this is the only one on the road in Scotland? Appart from the reason the metal was of poor quality at the time of manufacture, they used them a lot for banger racing in Ireland in the late 70's and 80's.
Any more photos or info on this car would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers Guys