Styling Fiat 127 wheel size and offsets

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Styling Fiat 127 wheel size and offsets


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May 10, 2017
Hi there, I have recently purchased a rebuilt 1973 Fiat 127 (I take ownership of it this weekend), I have been scouring the web for wheel size and offsets so that I can sort out a cruising set of wheels, I am looking for 15" wheels for cruisers and have the spare 13"s for taking it out for a thrash here and there.

* Note: this is not my daily driver, I have bought it as a classic toy

Here is the vehicle currently on the 13x5.5 Cromodora CD30 wheels -


Here are "some" of the wheels I am looking at for cruisers BBS RJ 359 15x7 4x100 ET35 (I have worked out that maybe ET15 will look flush so will space them out and alter the hub bore to suit and use wobble bolts - but need some insight on fitment) - I currently have others saved all with the same or similar size/offsets.


I can only find 2 FIAT 127s online and 1 FIAT 147 that have 15" wheels on them - All i can find is that they are 15x7 but I cannot find what the offsets are


Can anyone assist here and let me know what size/width/offset could sit flush

Hmmm Active thread....

Well I have ended up going with ATS Classics 13x8 ET0 and 13x7 ET20

In the process of refurbishing them now getting them ready to paint and get machined to fit

Adjustable suspension and other possible fitment tweaks on standby at my fabricators who will also be fitting leather mid back bucket seats and 3 point retractable seatbelts.

It should be sitting like the white Fiat in the attachment soon enough.

Before and "During" - Lip quality difference - plus 8" vs 7" width - dish depth

Post sanding - PRE POLISHING

To sit like this but with polished lips and painted inners
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I have on mine 14x8 +14x9 et is about 15 on front and - 10 on back. :D