Fiat 127 GT

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Fiat 127 GT

Wildly optimistic price and he's exaggerated the performance figures over the 127 Sport model. Plus it has the incorrect wheels fitted (those are probably Cinq Sporting alloys).

Interestingly the clock fitted to the rear view mirror console looks the same as the early Uno Turbo/ SX clock - red L.E.D's and three buttons (one red). I have one fitted to my Uno (y)

Nice car, but for that price it will probably remain unsold much like that red Mk1 UT 'that the owner keeps asking £4K for...
Practical classics reckons a category 1 car is worth £2000 and that basically means mint original (not concours) but problem free in every way, they are usually pretty accurate with the values. You are correct on the wheels so instantly it isn't category 1.

Like the way the advert states emissions. Surely with CO of 0.31% all that means is it's running way too weak. Probably should be 2.5-3.5% if correctly tuned.

No mention of full service history.

I'm sure it's a nice little car and I suppose you can't blame someone for trying but price wise that's well off the mark.
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