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Hellcat said:
Shame they can't spare any budget for a plot/storyline/script/actors...
i got the story line.... hehe

set in japan, main character goes to help a friend whos in trouble with people in the underground scene.

(^^^iirc, from what i remember from max power)

Originally from another forum
beleive its being filmed in tokyo at the moment
spy video added:D
looks well nice

U.S. Release Date:
16th June 2006
U.K. Release Date:
Not Yet Known

The Fast and the Furious 3 Cast:
Bow Wow
Lucas Black
Brian Tee
Nikki Griffin
Sung Kang
Jason Tobin
Nathalie Kelley

The Fast and the Furious 3 Director:
Justin Lin
The Fast and the Furious 3 Written By:
Chris Morgan

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Hmmmm great line up of actors there, I can imagine any of them could win an Oscar for their part in this film :rolleyes:

Seriously though, Bow Wow? That tit can't rap let alone act (n)